Hi, I'm Jon. My creative mission is to breathe life into music.

What I do

I use synthesizers, samplers, effects, and audio modeling technology to create leads, solos, pads, textures and soundscapes, all performed with expressive control as the primary musical signature. I work with sounds that are sometimes familiar, often other-worldly, and yet always distinctly human.

My primary instrument is the Electric Wind Instrument (EWI). With super-sensitive breath pressure control, bite sensitivity, and several touch sensors, its expressive capacity is almost limitless. I play keyboards, too, like the CME XKey with Polyphonic Aftertouch.

I take full advantage of the huge dynamic and tonal range that these instruments offer, so sounds can shimmer, sparkle, and swell in all the right places.

Why I do it

Music is powerful
The process of making music engages multiple regions of the brain, in ways that almost nothing else does.
Music connects us
When people make music together, their heartbeats actually move toward synchronization with each other.

I can make myself at home in almost any musical context -- commercial, artsy, mainstream, jazzy, offbeat, cinematic -- I'm always looking for ways to take things to the next level.

contact me if you'd like to explore working on something together.

Exquisite!!! :-)
... uncanny, it's as if he can read my mind!
What a fantastic and unique sounding instrument. ... The EWI is unlike anything else I've worked with.